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Assignment for 4 January for grades 7 and 8

January 4, 2012

Students, you will work on your blogs again today. Be sure to include content relevant to the topic of your blog. Do each of the following.

  • Include an image in a post. Make it relevant to your topic.
  • Take the poll in my blog.
  • Include in your blog a link to my blog.
  • Find my post that includes links to each blog for your grade. Leave a comment that tells what the topic of your blog is. If it requires some explanation, go ahead and include plenty of detail.

If you finish all of this, keep adding content. Do not get distracted by videos. It is okay to leave comments on each other’s blogs as long as you remember anyone can see them and choose your words responsibly. Have fun.

Added after lunch: By the way, trust me about videos being distracting. I can think of a couple students who’d easily be sidetracked by this.

If that’s merely annoying, this mix is tortuous. The first video is embedded in this post. The second is just a link to another video, configured to open in another browser tab. Can you figure out how to do each? Don’t even try until you get all of the above list items completed. While you’re passively watching a video valuable time is passing. I’d rather you spend that time learning. Still, if you have completed all of the above you may then try including a video on your page. Just choose it quickly.


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  1. I am going to blog about Beats by Dr. Dre headphones.

  2. Hello Mr. W it’s me Sam and I am doing my blog on minecraft.
    basically I am telling about all the features and gameplay.

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